The Invisible Opera Company of Tibet

The current line-up:


Brian Zero - Guitars, glissando guitar and vocals


Jackie Juno - Lead vocal, percussion, tinkle-tonk


Julian Veasy - Keyboards and Synths


Phil Whitehouse -  Bass


Matt Jackson- Drums


Viv Goodwin-Darke -
Backing vocals, flute, Cello

The Invisible Opera Company of Tibet is a deepspace funk-punk psychedelic rock band infused with a hint of jazz and a twist of gnome.


Founded by legendary frontman to Gong, Daevid Allen, and guitarist Brian Abbott in 1992, the band has toured the UK with Daevid Allen and Ruz Hibbs (of the Australian Invisible Opera Company of Tibet) and appeared at many festivals over the years.


They have produced several albums, both studio and live, with an ongoing recording and performance history.


The latest studio album Songs From the Temple of Now features both Daevid Allen and the God of Hellfire himself, Arthur Brown!


Their set comprises of all original material addressing the Tibetan situation,  future politics,  deep inner space,  the nature of things and  a few  classic Gong and Daevid Allen favorites.  Sonic transmisions from  Radio Gnome guaranteed for a heart opening, mind expanding and a vibey uplifting experience.

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