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1960 -  Born to Joyce and Phil Abbott in Devon. Phil was a classically trained violinist and also a saxophonist. He played both instruments in the jazz style too. There was always music in the house.


1972 -  Started learning the guitar...


1974 - Formed first band at school doing R&B covers.













1977 - Played local festival in the park in Exeter with newly formed Floating Free band.


1978 -  continued Floating Free as a 3-piece:  synth, guitar and sax.











1980 -  Formed Airport Delay - another 3-piece: bass, guitar, drums.


1981 - Joined established punk band Metro Youth, supported Tenpole Tudor on a couple of dates.


1983 -  released a recording Woodland Shadows - a soundtrack to shadow puppet theatre.


1988 -  Played tablas in Daevid Allen's Invisible Opera band.  Played a handful of dates.


1991 - Joined forces with Thom the Poet and Paul J.Whithall under the name Future Now.  Did gigs and recorded two cassette albums.


1992 -  Formed the UK version of the Invisible Opera Company of Tibet band.


1994 -  Lots of gigs with Invisibles and released Jewel in the Lotus CD.
Joined glam rock band Diamondogz playing David Bowie and T. Rex songs. 


1995 -  Joined Global with Nigel Shaw, Carolyn Hillyer, Shaun Farrenden and Jackie Juno - released Shamanka CD.













1996 - Formed Unlimited Dream Company with now wife Jackie Juno.

Left the Invisibles.


1997 - Global released Gig na Gig CD - lots of

gigs too. 

 Unlimiteds became Witch and released

Take the Snake CD on own label, Dakini

Left Diamondogz.












1998/99 -  Lots of gigs with Global and Witch including Glastonbury, Womad, and the

Green Gathering.


2000 - Rejoined The Invisible Opera Company of Tibet to play festivals and Hackney Empire supporting

Gong. Recorded a second album but halted after lack of funds.  
Global played Cirque du Soleil, Palais gigs at Battersea power station at the Baraka event. 

Global became Riven and released Inside and Outside CD.

Witch support Gong at the Hammersmith Palais.


2001 -  Formed Vamp with Jackie Juno on vocals, Nick Harrison (Invisibles) drums and Tim Gill on bass - a cover-band doing old and new rock faves.  Lots of gigs!


2002 -  My daughter Sapphire was born.  A lot less gigs. Vamp folded due to changed priorities, but still gigged with Riven.


2003 - Played on Nigel Shaw's Ancestors CD.  
Played Glissando guitar on Kevin Kendle's Light from Orion CD.


2004 -  Released solo album project, Tara on CD.
Gigged at various festivals.


2005 - Global/Riven decided to have a rest.

Joined Dubblehead with Tom Brooks and Nigel Shaw.

Played glissando guitar on Kevin Kendle's Lagoon of  Eternity.

Started work on studio album Temple of The Moon Goddess.


2006 - Left Dubblehead.

Continued work on Temple of The Moon Goddess.

Re-mastered Osmosis (Jackie Juno solo CD).

Re-mastered live Witch and Invisibles recordings.

Played at the Gong Unconvention in Amsterdam.


2007 - Gigged with Exile Project (Nigel Shaw, Carolyn Hillyer) appearing at various festivals including their own Rivenstone Festival. Also played on the Exile Project CD.

Appeared with Jackie Juno under various guises supporting her poetry gigs and festival appearances.

Recorded gliss guitar for Kevin Kendle's Dark Skies 3 CD.


2008 - performed live with Heretix.

Invisible Opera of Tibet reformed.

Exile Project -  more live performances.

Re-mastered Daevid Allen's Stoned Innocent Frankenstein CD (released on GAS Records).

Worked on Witch download album.


2009/10 - played various gigs with various Invisibles line-ups, including appearing with Space Ritual at Exeter Phoenix.


2011 - started recording new studio album with the Invisibles - plus released live album: Live at Sonic Rock Solstice 2011

Played at various festivals including the first Kozfest festival in Devon. 

Recorded with Kevin Kendle on his Deep Skies 4: Light from Andromeda album.


2012 – Played various festivals including the Maker Festival. Supported the Hawklords in Plymouth.

Formed the UK Glissando Guitar Orchestra with Andy Bole.


2013 – Organised and performed at the 'UP CLOSE' gig in Devon with Daevid Allen. Daevid made a guest            appearance with IOCOT (Invisible Opera Company of Tibet).

Recorded Daevid's vocals for IOCOT's 7” single Tried So Hard - released 1st September

Played at On Board The Craft festival which was filmed and released on DVD.

Played at the Midlands Arts Centre with Daevid Allen and the Gliss Orchestra.


2014 – Played various festivals including Holifair with IOCOT and Cosmic Puffin with Gliss Orchestra.

 Glissando Orchestra release Live at Kozfest 2014

Played a one-off in Malvern with Nigel Shaw as Global.

IOCOT released Songs From The Temple Of Now CD featuring Arthur Brown and Daevid Allen.

Played gliss guitar on Kavin Kendle's Illumination album.


2015 – Performed with Gliss Orchestra and IOCOT, with Arthur Brown guesting at the Drones for Daevid gig in Brighton.

IOCOT played in Leamington Spa as part of Bert Camembert's Allstars.




Brian Abbott appears on:


Nigel Shaw & Carolyn Hillyer, Global and Riven albums - available at


Keven Kendle's Deep Skies series - available at

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