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GLOBAL live at Kozfest 2017

The legendary Global live at Kozfest 2017 captures the band in full flow on the Judge Trev stage.  Shamanic trance dance at it's best

Eat the Ancestors - Global
00:00 / 00:00
Tuatha na gig - Global
00:00 / 00:00
Didge na gig - Global
00:00 / 00:00
Skeleton Lords - Global
00:00 / 00:00

Nigel Shaw : Keyboards, synth, flutes

Brian Abbott : Guitar and gliss guitar

Shaun Farrenden : Didgeridu

Special Guests;

Leaf Hillyer : Synths, soundscapes, electronica

Mark Robson : Didgeridu

£10.00 + p&p
Audio Excerpts:
Gateway to the Dead - Invisible Opera Company of Tibet
00:00 / 00:00
Temple Song - Invisible Opera Company of Tibet
00:00 / 00:00
Spirit of Joy - Invisible Opera Company of Tibet
00:00 / 00:00
Now! - Invisible Opera Company of Tibet
00:00 / 00:00

Songs from the Temple of Now
 - is the new album from the Invisible Opera Company of Tibet. Fusing psychedelia, the avant garde and classic rock into their own inimitable blend from the crucible of all things Invisible.

Featuring special guest appearances from Daevid Allen and Arthur Brown (as in Crazy World of).



1. Spirit of Joy (Oakey/Harris/Brown) - 5.50

2. Tried So Hard (Allen/C. Tritsch) - 4.51

3. Lilith (Abbott/J. Juno) - 7.22

4. Temple Song (Abbott/J. Juno) - 10,05

5. Gateway to the Dead (Abbott/J. Juno) - 5.06

6. Tried So Hard (Allen/C. Tritsch) - 4.49

7. Now! (IOCOT) - 9.40

8. Spirit of Joy (Oakey/Harris/Brown) 5.51
(All songs arranged by IOCOT)


Brian Abbott: Guitars & Glissando Guitar, Backing Vocals

Jackie Juno: Lead Vocals, Backing Vocals, Percussion, Tibetan Bell

Clive Buckland-Bork: Keyboards, Loops & Sequences

Phil Curtis: Bass

Dan Barber: Drums

Trina McDougal: Backing Vocals

Special Guests:

Daevid Allen: Lead Vocals on 2, Backing Vocals on 6

Arthur Brown: Lead Vocals on 8


Dakini Records DKR108
Released: 24/09/14.



£10.00 + p&p


7" Single - Tried So Hard
 - The Invisible Opera Company of Tibet + Daevid Allen
Tried So Hard (excerpt) - Invisible Opera Company of Tibet
00:00 / 00:00

Side A: Tried So Hard [4'55] (Tritsch/Allen)


Side B: Tried So Hard (live) [4'46] (Tritsch/Allen)


Dakini Records DKR701
Released: 01/09/2013



Daevid Allen: lead vocals

Brian Zero Abbott: guitars, backing vocals

Jackie Juno: backing vocals

Phil O'Sophical Curtis: bass

Clive Kinski Buckland-Bork: keyboards

Trina McTeabag: backing vocals

Dan'tastic Barber: drums  (Side A)

AJ Shaw: drums (Side B)

Well, Tried So Hard is such a perfect pop song that had it been released as a single back in 1971 it could maybe have flown up the charts, with the right 'support' - what on earth would Gong's history have been if that had happened... probably best not to dwell on that. However, 42 years on the Invisible Opera Company of Tibet decided to give it the 7" vinyl single treatment and they have come up with something really rather tasty.

The Invisibles have of course always included Gong tunes in their live set and played with Daevid Allen often enough to be completely comfortable together, so they were ideally placed to record a version of one of the best 'classic' songs on Camembert Electrique.
I think they have come up with a very finely tuned beast, one that ticks all the boxes.

The B-side is a charged live version recorded by IOCOT with Daevid at the 'Up Close with Daevid Allen' event in May 2013. "

(Jonny Greene - Gong Appreciation Society/GAS Records)


£7.00 + p&p


The Invisible Opera Company of Tibet T-shirt

High quality maroon cotton t-shirt with screen-print logo in yellow.


Sizes : M, L, XL


£12.00 + p&p


DVD - Live @ Onboard The Craft 2013 Festival
 - The Invisible Opera Company of Tibet

Dakini Records DKRDVD03
Released: 24/02/2014

Thanks to: Martyn Hasbeen and all the OBTC crew, Qwoonsweird, Bill Davies and Bronwen Hill - and our ever-expanding and extending IOCOT family.


Filming and Production:
Qwoonsweird Productions

Check out this 7-minute demo video!

DVD - The Seven Drones
Daevid Allen and the Glissando Guitar Orchestrae

A world-first at the Gong Unconvention event at The Melkweg, Amsterdam 2006.


Ten glissando guitarists, featuring Daevid Allen and Steve Hillage, play the seven drones live.


A stunning film moving from the physical to the metaphysical – a journey encompassing sight and sound exploring the seven major notes of the musical scale with all their correspondences.


The players:

Daevid Allen - Gong

Steve Hillage - System 7

Steffe Sharpstrings - Here & Now

Fabio Golfetti - Invisible Opera Co Brazil

Josh Pollock - University of Errors

Brian Abbott - Invisible Opera Co UK

Makata Kawabata - Acid Mothers Temple

Steve Higgins - House of Thandoy

Harry Williamson - Mothergong

Jerry Bewley - Kangaroo Moon


£12.00 + p&p

No longer available

PLUS – Special feature:

Footage of Daevid Allen speaking in depth about the event, his vision, and the relationship of the seven drones.

Excerpts from The Seven Drones DVD

DVD - Witch, Live at Hammersmith Palais
 - Witch

Witch's legendary performance from May 2000 at Hammersmith Palais.

Featuring previously unrecorded material as well as classic tracks from the Take the Snake album.


Track Listing:

1 - Magick

2 - Love Like an Animal

3 - Take the Snake

4 - Aliens

5 - Christians

6 - Be My Slave

7 - Rivers

8 - This Volcano

9 - Child of the Temple

10 - Bad Self



£10.00 + p&p

Jackie Juno: vocals, keyboard

Brian Abbott: guitar, vocals

Foz tha Base: bass

Martyn S Pook: drums


Lawrence Monk & Liz Hoar: cameras

Lawrence Monk: DVD editing and production


CD - Live at Sonic Rock Solstice 2011
 - The Invisible Opera Company of Tibet

Dakini Records DKR107
Released: 30/10/2011

A great, dynamic live performance from the Sonic Rock Solstice Festival 2011 - includes some classic older songs and brand new material...



1. Now !

2. Mysteries

3. Gateway to the dead

4. Bad self

5. Radio gnome intro

5a. Tried so hard

6. Temple song

7. Spirit of Joy


£10.00 + p&p

Audio excerpts:

Gateway to the Dead - Invisible Opera Company of Tibet
00:00 / 00:00
Templesong - Invisible Opera Company of Tibet
00:00 / 00:00
Spirit of Joy - Invisible Opera Company of Tibet
00:00 / 00:00
CD - Go Totally Bananas - Live '94
 - The Invisible Opera Company of Tibet

Featuring some great live versions of songs already released on the studio album Jewel in the Lotus. Plus some psychedelic impro-jams and sacred chants make this release a very worthwhile listen.


Track listings:

1 Invocation to the spirits of uncommon sense

2 Chernobyl rain

3 Mysteries

4 Bonsior

5 Music, Power, Medicine

6 Clarence

7 Goddess Dub

8 All coming true

9 Bad self

10 Om mani padme hum

11 Circle around

12 Banana reggae

(Total running time 72 mins)

£10.00 + p&p


Brian Abbott: Guitar, vocals, gliss guitar

Tim Hall: Bass, vocals

Jim Peters: Keyboards, acoustic guitar, vocals

Steve Hickeson: Drums

Ali Young: vocals, dancing

Ruzz Hibbs: vocals on 10, 11, 12

Daevid Allen: gliss guitar and vocals on 11

CD - Tara
 - Brian Abbott

The making of this album has been a great joy. It has also been a 
voyage of discovery and journeys into unexpected creativity.  
album has been born due to Nigel Shaw's prompting and studio genius and
generosity.  So I gathered all of my musical friends together to embark 
upon this endeavour and it has resulted in the most magickal and
 inspiring of recording sessions.

There are lots of gems on this album,
 but for me the inclusion of the Tibetan Nuns of Chuchikjall
 (Zanskar, Northern India) is just fantastic.  As these nuns are part of
 a charity I have agreed to pay to them £0.50 per CD sold, and £0.50 to 
the Free Tibet Campaign to help with their work in freeing imprisoned 
nuns and monks by the Chinese authorities.

I have always been drawn by the spiritual side of music and truly
 believe that music can transform and raise awareness. 
I do not really
 subscribe to the male (only) God thing - I prefer
 a balanced view of things.
Tara is a divine Goddess who I find I can
relate to. It also occurs to me that every man is born of woman. 
Tara is known as mother of all the Buddhas and that says it all for me.

I do love the musical content of this album.  So many different styles
emerged in the making and I find that refreshing and exciting and I
hope you will too.

Track listings:

1  White Tara 8.14  

2  Skeleton Lords  10.52

3  Sunrise Over a Nation  6.02

4  Dolma  7.24

5  Winds on Mt.Kailash  7.27

6  Tim Tara tala  6.12

7  Prayer to the Dalai Lama  6.30

8  Green Tara  9.03

9  Puja at the end of the day  3.17


Brian Abbott
:  Guitars, Glissando guitar, Tibetan bowls and bells

Nigel Shaw:  Keyboards, programming, flutes, Tibetan Bells and Bowls

Michael Ormiston:  Vocal overtoning, Khoomi singing, Morin Khuur, Limbe,

Tibetan bowls and bells

Shaun Farrenden:  Tibetan Horn

Tom Brooks:  EMS Synth

Tim Gill:  Bass guitar

Jackie Juno: Lead vocals on White Tara

Carolyn Hillyer: Backing vocals


Guests musicians:

Tim Hall:  Acoustic guitar, vocals

Daevid Allen:  Glissando guitar (Winds)

Kevin Kendle:  Lead keyboard (Winds)

Featuring the voices of the Tibetan Nuns of Chuchikjall and traditional Tibetan Monks.

Audio excerpts:

£10.00 + p&p

White Tara - Brian Abbott
00:00 / 00:00
Skeleton Lords - Brian Abbott
00:00 / 00:00
Dolma - Brian Abbott
00:00 / 00:00

More CDs:

CD: Take the Snake



£10.00 + p&p

It could be said that every musician has a good 4-track album inside them, and for us this is it. Recorded in 1997 on a 4-track TEAC cassette! As a series of demo ideas quickly mutated into a fully fledged album.

Miraculously mixed and engineered by Nigel Shaw at Seventhwave Studios, it transformed into the legendary cult album it has become...


Track List:

1: The day the Earth Stood Still (with thanks)

2: Aliens

3: Snowmoon

4: Love Like an Animal

5: Cut The Crap

6: How Does a Woman Fly

7: Take The Snake

8: Magick

9: Be My Slave

10: Christians

11: Dakini

12: Green Blues

13: Tantric Tonight

14:  Men-An-Tol

15: Cut the crap (crazy horse mix)



Brian Abbott: Guitar, glissando guitar, bass (except 3 & 15), drum programmes, Moroccan clay drums, vocals

Jackie Juno: Vocals, harmonium, whip

Foz the Bass: Bass on 3 & 15

Steve Calvert: Rhythm guitar on 3 & 15

Martyn S Pook: Drums on 3 & 15

Nigel Shaw: Synth bubbles on 1 & 2

CD: Heretix

Brian Abbott & Jackie Juno


£10.00 + p&p

Brian Abbott and Jackie Juno, collectively represented here as HERETIX. This album is a musical interpretation of Jackie's series of Moon Goddess paintings. Many varying moods encompassing the seductive, dark, haunting, sweet and expansive, with no two tracks alike. It has been a real journey in the making which reflects in the listening. Enjoy the trip!


Track listing:

1 Lilith 8.47

2 Dakini 8.24

3 Athena 2.57

4 Hecate 3.16

5 Maia 9.43

6 Coatlicue 6.15

7 Kali 6.56

8 Yemaya 5.35

9 Ishtar 3.30

(Total time 55.37)



Brian Abbott: acoustic and electric guitars, glissando guitar, Tibetan bells, butterfly cocoon rattles, keyboards, programming, vocals

Jackie Juno: vocals, flutes, stones, bones, butterfly cocoon ratles, percussion, lyrics

CD: Osmosis

Jackie Juno


£10.00 + p&p

osmosisJackie Juno
00:00 / 00:58
initiationJackie Juno
00:00 / 01:07
big CircleJackie Juno
00:00 / 01:09
8 ft HighJackie Juno
00:00 / 01:08

Solo album by the inimitable Jackie Juno, based on 20 years of her dream

diaries. Songs, poems, accompanied monologues and soundscapes

capturing the often quirky, profound, disturbing and visionary states

encountered in dreams. The result of an inspired psyche at play - some

considerable distance from the mainstream.

Think Laurie Anderson, Gilli Smyth, Lady June.


Track listing:

1 Weird Tarot

2 The Queen, the Peasant and the Owl

3 Aphrodite

4 The Other Side

5 Let Alone a Lion

6 The Wrong Way

7 A Christian/Pagan Paradox

8 Invitation from a Goddess

9 Initiation

10 Sacred Sites

11 The Gateway to the Dead

12 Witches' Time

13 Counsellors

14 The Invention of the Car

15 An Offering

16 The House Full of Moon

17 Eight Feet High

18 Flesh and Blood

19 The Attack of the Owls

20 The Juno Stone

21 Big Circle

22 Osmosis

(Total running time 42:55)

10% of proceeds go to the Barn Owl Trust -


Osmosis A3 posters available for £2.00 (plus p & p) - please enquire.

£10.00 + p&p

Invisible Opera Company of Tibet

The Jewel in the Lotus

25th Anniversary edition

Jewel cover.png

25 years on from its original release the 25th anniversary edition has all the original tracks remixed and remasterd, plus all the other songs that were recorded from the session in1994.  Also some unexpected surprises.

Om Mani Padme HumInvisible Opera Company of Tibet
00:00 / 01:57
All Coming TrueInvisible Opera Company of Tibet
00:00 / 02:03
SIZE_OF_MINUS_ONE_EXCERPT.mp3Invisible Opera Company of Tibet
00:00 / 02:01
OM_TARA_EXCERPT.mp3Invisible Opera Company of Tibet
00:00 / 01:58



Shine - Skydancer
00:00 / 00:00
May green, November grey - Skydancer
00:00 / 00:00
The seven - Skydancer
00:00 / 00:00
Skydancer - Skydancer
00:00 / 00:00

Nine new pieces
Nine streams of consciousness
Reflecting our connection to all things.

The new album from Skydancer
Who are:

Andy Bole : Guitars, loops
Brian Abbott : Guitars, glissando
Jackie Juno : Vocals, percussion, Darbuka
Julian Veasy : Keyboards

Special Guests:
Sally Minchin : Violin
Clive Buckland Bork : Bass
Phil Whitehouse : Bass

Dakini Records DKRCD109

Released  28.7.17

£10.00 + p&p

live inviz cover.jpg

Hot, sizzling high summer recording from the legendary Kozfest.  The Invisibles are on fine  form and featuring special guests :

Andy Bole
Tim Hawthorn


Mike Howlett

Stoned Innocent Frankenstein - Invisible Opera Co
00:00 / 00:00
Wake Up - Invisible Opera Co
00:00 / 00:00
Can't kill me - Invisible Opera Company
00:00 / 00:00
Circle Around - Invisible Opera Co
00:00 / 00:00

Invisible Opera Company Of Tibet

The Bardo Of Becoming

album cover.jpg

The Bardo Of Becoming

A musical journey to illustrate the Buddhist teachings on what happens at and beyond the moment of death.  Based on the Tibetan Book Of The Dead.

World of the livingInvisible Opera Company
00:00 / 01:03
Little deathsInvisible Opera Company
00:00 / 01:04
A blazing infernoInvisible Opera Company
00:00 / 01:03
3 abysses Pt. 2Invisible Opera Company
00:00 / 01:04

£ 10.00

Invisible Opera Company Of Tibet
Official Bootleg

inviz boot.png

The classic bootleg recording from the Galstonbury Festival 1993.  Featuring a very special guest and a whole host of great tunes and atmosphere.


1 Intro/Transmission from Mt. Meru

2 Mysteries

3 Music power medicine

4 Hours gone

5 It's all too much

6 I am a witch

7 Isle of everywhere

8 Clarence

9 All coming true

10 I'de rather be with you

11 Circle around

12 Om mani padme hum

Mt Meru ripInvisible opera company of Tibet
00:00 / 01:30
Music power medicineInvisible opera company of Tibet
00:00 / 01:28
ClarenceInvisible opera company of Tibet
00:00 / 01:31
Goddess dubInvisible opera compamy of Tibet
00:00 / 01:29


Invisible Opera Company of Tibet

   Surfing the wave of the mystery

              live at Kozfest 2018

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